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Tree Planting Rite

When Planting a Grove or a Sacred Tree

All land is Sacred and once the "right" place is revealed for the planting of the tree, place the first five shovel fulls of dirt aside to be added back at the end of the planting with a handful of ash from the ritual fire.

The fire is created in the North, lit by the sun passing through a crystal, or kindled by flint, or by a fire drill (using powdered mistletoe as tinder) or from "wild fire" caught from a lightening strike.

"Oh Great Gods, givers of life, inspiration and understanding, we greet you, we honor you and we invite you to this rite, as we Celebrate the planting of this Sacred Tree. Manannan, we respectfully call upon you to open the gate between the Otherworld and ours."

Offerings are made in the Southeast to the Nature Spirits (milk, bread, and Sacred healing roots like Angelica, garlic or Valerian), in the Southwest to the Ancestors (nine Hazelnuts or Hawthorne berries, sacred water, a song or poem) and in the North, in front of the Fire, to the High Ones (Mistletoe, Juniper incense, flowers) as the area around the tree, the fire and the water source is circled sunwise three times.

"We recognize the Great Circle, made up of the three realms-Land, Sea and Sky.
All living things live within this circle.
We acknowledge the inherent sacredness of this Space.
This liminal space where land, water, and air come together
Where this Sacred Tree extends itself into this realm and the next.
The Land is the solid foundation beneath us.
The Sea surrounds us and is the boundary between our physical world and the world of the Gods.
The Sky arches over all.
This Fire symbolizes the presence of the Divine, the Gods and Goddesses that our ancestors worshipped and, walking in their footsteps, we continue to venerate today.
It is a source of spiritual energy, inspiration (Imbas) and primal power. "

Offerings of butter, barley or oats and pine resin or honey are made to the Fire while being circled sunwise three times.

The tree is placed in the hole, the dirt is placed over the roots with offerings of silver coins, barley or oats and sacred water while circling sunwise three times.

In the center of this Cosmic Circle is the Well of Wisdom and the World Tree, symbolized in this Tree.

"Sister Tree! Spirit who moves between the worlds with ease, from the above to the below, from the below to the above, root to branch, branch to root. We welcome you to the Center Point of the Great Circle"
"The Center Point is where we acknowledge the Sacred Center."
"I am at the center of the world"
"I stand firmly upon the land"
"The sea always surrounds me"
"The sky spreads itself above me"
"I am at the center of the Three Realms."

Stand on one leg and close one eye.

"My flesh is as the earth, my bone the stone, my hair the plant life, my blood is the sea, my skin is the sun, my soul the moon, my senses the stars, my mind the clouds and my breath is the wind."

A celebratory libation (ale or mead or root beer) is passed around the circle of attendants, everyone takes a drink and the remainder is poured at the base of the Tree.

"Thank you Manannan for your presence and for opening the gate, we now ask for that gate to be closed. We recognize the quality of this Tree to traverse between the realms. We honor you, Sister Tree!"

Cloots containing the requests, blessings and prayers of the attendants are tied to the branches of the Tree as the the attendants leave the area. The ritual is not closed, the recognized sacredness of this Center Point is eternal.

by Coinneach, copyright 2007



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