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About the Order of WhiteOak

The Order of WhiteOak is a Celtic Reconstructionist group that had its beginnings in a discussion list on Druid Ethics initiated in 1996. The Order was officially created on the 21st December 1997.

As is defined in our mission statement our primary focus is:

With many groups and orders the main focus is often on expanding that order, to work within groves within the local community. Although community is key to WhiteOak the main focus remains on the inner work of the individual. The Order grows through fosterage, a one on one teaching programme that is beneficial to the growth of both parties.

We recognise that over time people’s beliefs may evolve, and so often is the case with groups. In April 2006 some members choose to take their vision of WhiteOak along a separate path, and out of this seperation was born both the Order of the Oaks and OWO Continental Europe based in Germany. Though our paths may differ we bless them on their journey and give thanks for the areas of commonality where we may work together. (The Order of Whiteoak and OWO Continental currently function as Sister Orders with close ties of friendship and cooperation).

As an Order we promote Celtic Druidism, but within that recognise the diverse traditions which that encompasses. Our core beliefs are drawn from those ancient Celtic manuscripts that detail ethical behaviour, about those qualities which the ancient Celts valued and aspired to.

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